Readers ask: What Municipality Is Merion Station Pa In?

What county is Merion Station PA in?

A: Merion is a community in Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, PA. The United States Postal Service suggests using the address “Merion Station, PA” to help distinguish our community from the three townships named “Marion, PA” in the state.

What school district is Merion Station PA in?

Lower Merion School District, or LMSD, is a public school district located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States. The school district includes residents of both Lower Merion Township and the Borough of Narberth. Established in 1836, LMSD is one of the oldest districts in Pennsylvania.

Is Lower Merion on the Main Line?

Lower Merion Township is a township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and part of the Philadelphia Main Line.

Is Merion safe?

Merion Station is in the 65th percentile for safety, meaning 35% of cities are safer and 65% of cities are more dangerous. This analysis applies to Merion Station’s proper boundaries only.

Is the General Wayne Inn still open?

The inn closed as a restaurant in 2002 after attempts by different owners to keep it alive. The structure, built in the early 18th century, remains a legend in the ghost-hunting universe, according to Michael J.

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What does Merion mean?

: a strain of Kentucky bluegrass that is low growing, rapid spreading, and resistant to leaf spot.

How many students are in Lower Merion School District?

The District’s six elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools provide a challenging, multi-disciplinary academic program and dynamic, co-curricular experience to more than 8,700 students.

What towns are in Lower Merion School District?

Incorporated communities within Lower Merion include Merion, Wynnewood, Ardmore, Haverford, Bryn Mawr, Rosemont, Bala and Cynwyd. Unincorporated communities within the Township are Belmont Hills, General Wayne, Gladwyne, Penn Valley, Penn Wynne and Villanova.

Why do they call it the Main Line?

The moniker “Main Line” refers to the Pennsylvania Railroad train line that was built in the area beginning around the 1850s. Originally, many of the small towns were founded by prominent Philadelphia families who built summer homes “away from the city” but who used the newly built railroad to travel back and forth.

What towns are part of the Main Line?

The original Main Line towns are widely considered to follow the acronym “Old Maids Never Wed And Have Babies.” From Philadelphia, they are:

  • Overbrook.
  • Merion.
  • Narberth.
  • Wynnewood.
  • Ardmore.
  • Haverford.
  • Bryn Mawr.

Is the Main Line a good place to live?

MAIN LINE, PA – The Main Line is a coveted area for many people. It’s got great schools, a booming food scene, a variety of employers, and it’s right outside of Philadelphia. Lower Merion Township was named the best place to live in Pennsylvania by Money Mag recently.

What township is Gladwyne PA in?

Montgomery County

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