Quick Answer: What Municipality Is Treasure Lake Pennsylvania Located In?

What county is Treasure Lake PA in?

Treasure Lake is a private, gated, planned residential community found within the borders of Sandy Township. It is a great place to view the wildlife as hunting within Treasure Lake is very restricted.

Where in PA is Treasure Lake?

Welcome to Treasure Lake – a Lifestyle to Treasure Our community is a semi-private resort-style residential development located 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, near DuBois, Pennsylvania.

Is Treasure Lake PA man made?

Treasure Lakes is actually a private residential community, including Treasure and Bimini Lakes and over 1500 homes scattered throughout 8,000 acres. The former Lake Rene was renamed Treasure Lake, and another man- made lake was created called Bimini Lake. Treasure Lake is designated the all-sports lake.

What is there to do in Treasure Lake PA?

Local Area Attractions Near DuBois / Treasure Lake KOA Holiday

  • Golf at Treasure Lake.
  • Restaurants at Treasure Lake.
  • Elk Country Visitor Center–an ideal place to see Pennsylvania’s Elk Herd all year round.
  • Geocaching Adventures.
  • BWP – Bat Factory Tour.
  • Clearfield County Visitors Website.
  • PA Great Outdoors Wine Trail.

Can you swim in Treasure Lake PA?

Beaches at Treasure Lake The grounds of Treasure Lake contain several beach areas! Treasure Lake has no less than five areas designated for beach use. New Providence and Trinidad beaches are maintained as sand beaches intended for swimming and sunning with lifeguard watch.

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Can you boat on Treasure Lake?

Treasure Lake is designated for motor boats and enforces a speed limit of 35 MPH. It has a fully stocked marina and 200 rental slips. Two sandy beaches line the shore of this beautiful lake where water skiing, fishing, and swimming activities prevail during the summer months.

Is Curwensville Lake open?

Beach is open, boats are on the water, volleyball net is available in the sand.

Is Treasure Lake open to the public?

While Treasure Lake is a semi-private residential community, dining facilities, special events, event bookings, golf and camping are all open to the public.

When was Treasure Lake built?

In 1910, John E. DuBois, built a 60′ x 60’cabin of rough-hewn logs and massive stones in what would become Treasure Lake.

What county is DuBois PA in?

Clearfield County

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