Quick Answer: What County And Municipality Is Williamsport Pa?

What township is South Williamsport PA in?

Welcome to South Williamsport The South Williamsport Area School District is a public school district located in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania and serves the area of South Williamsport, DuBoistown, Susquehanna Township, and Armstrong Township.

What township is Cogan Station PA in?

Lycoming County is a largely rural County.

What is the smallest county in Pennsylvania?

The three smallest counties in Pennsylvania are Montour (130 square miles), Philadelphia (134 square miles) and Delaware (184 square miles). The least densely populated counties in Pennsylva- nia are Cameron, Sullivan and Potter, each with less than 17 people per square mile.

What is in Williamsport PA?

Here are a few of my favorite things to do in Williamsport and the surrounding area.

  • World of Little League Museum.
  • Lycoming County Historical Society.
  • Bullfrog Brewery.
  • Hiawatha Riverboat.
  • Peter Herdic Transportation Museum.
  • Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland.
  • Rock Run and the Miners Run Waterfalls.

What county is Cogan Station?

Thomas concluded that the residents of Lycoming County can credit Cogan Station with its continual growth.

What is the zip code for Cogan Station Pennsylvania?


Is Altoona rural?

Population in 2019: 43,364 (100% urban, 0% rural ).

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What is the smallest Pa county in square miles?

It encompasses 132 sq mi, making it the smallest county by land area in the state. Montour County is part of the Bloomsburg-Berwick, PA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Is Williamsport PA A good place to live?

Williamsport is a nice town to live in while attending college. I’m used to small towns so it is a nice transition. However, the crime rates are pretty high and more active the farther away from the colleges you are. Overall, Williamsport is a pretty average place to live.

Is Williamsport PA in the mountains?

Williamsport, city, seat (1796) of Lycoming county, north-central Pennsylvania, U.S. It lies on the West Branch Susquehanna River, opposite South Williamsport, and in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, 75 miles (121 km) north of Harrisburg.

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