FAQ: Which Wisconsin Municipality Is Sun Prairie Wisconsin In?

Is Sun Prairie a town or city?

Sun Prairie is a rapidly growing business-friendly city, offering small city life within a thriving metropolitan area, consistently ranked as one of the top places in America to live.

What county is Sun Prairie WI in?

Which state is Sun Prairie?

Sun Prairie has an overall crime rate of 15 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Sun Prairie is 1 in 65.

How did Sun Prairie get its name?

So called by A.A. Bird. In 1837, he and a company of pioneers after a nine days tramp through the rain from Milwaukee, came upon the borders of the prairie just as the sun came out, and therefore christened the spot Sun Prairie, and the village took its name from the prairie.

How many acres is Sun Prairie WI?

Successful Business Park – Since its inception in 1983, the Sun Prairie Business Park has grown to 345 acres with over 40 businesses and 1,300 employees working to create the next greatest consumer product, custom manufacturing process and bread!

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How many municipalities are in Wisconsin?

According to a 2017 study from the U.S. Census Bureau, this state’s local governments consist of 72 counties, 1,852 cities, towns, and villages, and 734 special districts.

What phase is Dane County in?

In May 2020, we released Forward Dane, our plan for the phased reopening of Dane County during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the time since then, we navigated from Safer at Home, to Planning for a Safe Reopening, to Phase 1, to Phase 2.

Is Sun Prairie WI A good place to live?

SUN PRAIRIE, Wis. — Sun Prairie has been recognized as one of the “Best Places to Live in America” for 2020 by Money Magazine. Sun Prairie ranked #40 on the list due to its home prices, local job market and the addition of Sun Prairie West High School, which is set to open in fall of 2022.

What is it like to live in Sun Prairie WI?

Living in Sun Prairie offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Sun Prairie there are a lot of parks. Many families and young professionals live in Sun Prairie and residents tend to have moderate political views. The public schools in Sun Prairie are highly rated.

Is Sun Prairie in southern Wisconsin?

The loss of a Civil War-era farmstead serves as a sign of the ongoing changes in Sun Prairie, a southern Wisconsin city that’s experiencing rapid growth.

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