FAQ: What Municipality Is Millstone?

What county is Millstone in?

Millstone Township is in Monmouth County and is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Living in Millstone Township offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. Residents of Millstone Township tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Millstone Township are above average.

When was Millstone NJ founded?

Millstone Township was formed from surrounding boarders from Freehold, Monroe and Upper Freehold Townships. The municipality was formed and incorporated by an act of legislation on February 28, 1844. It contains a grand total of 23,700 acres or 37.36 miles of rolling countryside located in the heart of New Jersey.

Is Millstone Township safe?

Millstone Township is a beautiful place to live and to raise a family. It is a very safe community where most people know one another. Millstone is not very close to many things, but that’s the price you exchange when looking to live in a quiet untouched area.

How heavy is a millstone?

The weight of the runner stone is significant ( up to 1,500 kilograms (3,300 lb)) and it is this weight combined with the cutting action from the porous stone and the patterning that causes the milling process.

What happened to millstone coffee?

On November 6, 2008, The J. M. Smucker Company announced the completion of its merger with The Folgers Coffee Company. On September 9, 2016, J.M. Smucker Co. announced its decision to discontinue the Millstone brand, citing ‘lack of sustainable demand’.

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What is a millstone around neck mean?

A heavy burden, as in Julie finds Grandma, who is crabby, a millstone around her neck. The literal hanging of a millstone about the neck is mentioned as a punishment in the New Testament (Matthew 18:6), causing the miscreant to be drowned.

What zip code is 08535?

The park is open every day from 7 a.m. to dusk. During the beach season, the parking lot gate opens at 8 a.m. Entrance and parking fees are charged for all visitors, including surfers and fishermen, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. daily through Labor Day.

What is the zip code for Millstone New Jersey?

Millstone Township and Point Pleasant Beach are 33 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Millstone Township, NJ to Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.

What county is Cream Ridge NJ 08514?

Cream Ridge is an unincorporated community located within Upper Freehold Township in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. The rural area is made up of farmland, on which are located many horse farms. Numerous small business line with County Route 539.

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