FAQ: What Municipality Is Cape Town In?

What is the City of Cape Town municipality?

Description: The City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality is a Category A municipality and is situated in the southern peninsula of the Western Cape Province. It has a coastline of 294km. It stretches from Gordon’s Bay to Atlantis and includes the suburbs of Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain.

Which municipality is Strand Western Cape?

Is Cape Town large or small?

The City of Cape Town is a large urban area with a high population density, an intense movement of people, goods and services, extensive development and multiple business districts and industrial areas.

What areas fall under Cape Town?


  • Atlantic Seaboard.
  • Klipfontein District (Old Cape Flats)
  • City Bowl.
  • Helderberg.
  • Northern Suburbs.
  • South Peninsula.
  • Southern Suburbs.
  • Western Suburbs.

What is Cape Town known for?

The city is known for its harbour, for its natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region, and for landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point. Cape Town is home to 49% of the Western Cape’s population.

How safe is Cape Town?

Is Cape Town the most dangerous city? No, Cape Town is not the most dangerous city according to the 2021 crime rate statistics. The top spot is taken by Caracas in Venezuela. Cape Town is ranking as the 19th most dangerous city worldwide.

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How do I find my local municipality?

The only way to find the municipality for an address is to use a geolocation service. It maps the address and finds its relationship with the municipality database to determine if it’s in an incorporated city. You can lookup municipality for any address in the US using the live demo on USgeocoder.com.

What is a category B municipality?

(b) Category B: A municipality that shares municipal executive and legislative authority in its area with a category C municipality within whose area it falls. (c) Category C: A municipality that has municipal executive and legislative authority in an area that includes more than one municipality.

Which ward is Kraaifontein?

Subcouncil 2 consists of six wards and covers an area that includes Scottsdene, Kraaifontein, Wallacedene, Brackenfell and the parts of Kuils River closest to the Bottelary farms and smallholdings, as well as parts of Bellville adjacent to Brackenfell and Kuils River.

What are the different categories of municipality?

Municipalities of Nepal — City-urban municipalities and Gaunpalika−rural municipalities, the 4th-level administrative subdivisions for Nepalese local government.

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