FAQ: What Municipality Is Alfred Me?

What county is Alfred Maine in?

Alfred Reviews Great little town with active government. No box stores or chain stores, mostly single family houses. Population is older, most younger folks are employed. Town center is beautiful and small country store and a restaurant are nice.

How did Alfred Maine get its name?

It was incorporated as a town in 1808, named in honor of King Alfred the Great. Land would be set off to Sanford in 1828, and annexed from Waterboro in 1847.

What is the prettiest town in Maine?

The Most Beautiful Towns in Maine, USA

  • Kennebunkport. Natural Feature. Add to Plan.
  • Camden. Natural Feature. Add to Plan.
  • Rockport. Natural Feature. Add to Plan.
  • Ogunquit. Natural Feature. Add to Plan.
  • Bar Harbor. Natural Feature. Add to Plan.
  • Blue Hill. Natural Feature.
  • Boothbay Harbor. Historical Landmark.
  • Cape Elizabeth. Natural Feature.

What is the zip code for Alfred Maine?


Is Maine expensive to live in?

Is it expensive to live in Maine? A recent study showed that the cost of living in Maine is the sixth highest in the country. Maine residents spend 91.3% of their income on expenses, which is about 10% more than the national average.

What is the wealthiest town in Maine?

The richest town in 2020 was Saco. The stats that lead to Saco coming in as Maine’s richest town were the following: Population 19,497. Median Income: $70,517.

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