FAQ: What Municipality City Borough Township Is 111 S Prince St In Shippensburg Pa In?

What township is Shippensburg PA?

Shippensburg Township | Cumberland County, PA – Official Website.

Is Shippensburg University in Cumberland or Franklin County?

The campus itself is located in Cumberland County.

Is Shippensburg PA rural or urban?

Shippensburg is a rural community located a short driving distance from many metropolitan areas including Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. Our quality of life was recognized when Shippensburg was ranked 27th in the second edition of Norman Crampton’s book The 100 Best Small Towns in America.

Why is Shippensburg called?

Shippensburg was named after Edward Shippen, who purchased the land that Shippensburg is founded on. Shippen’s daughter, Sarah Shippen, married James Burd, and the couple moved from Philadelphia to Shippensburg in 1752.

Is Shippensburg PA A good place to live?

Shippensburg is a great town to raise a family in. It is a safe environment that rarely sees crime. That being said if you’re looking for a town with a rich nightlife this isn’t the one for you. Most nights the streets are deserted by 10 pm.

What is Shippensburg PA zip code?

While the consensus is that Shippensburg is a “party school,” there are still just as many students found in the Starbucks or the library with their books open at midnight, or in the study lounge at 4AM revising papers.

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What is the acceptance rate for Shippensburg University?

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania admissions is selective with an acceptance rate of 94%. Half the applicants admitted to Shippensburg University have an SAT score between 940 and 1150 or an ACT score of 15 and 23.

What are Shippensburg colors?

Is Shippensburg, PA Safe? The B- grade means the rate of crime is slightly lower than the average US city. Shippensburg is in the 59th percentile for safety, meaning 41% of cities are safer and 59% of cities are more dangerous.

Which state is Shippensburg?

Shippensburg University is an NCAA Division II school and one of eighteen schools to compete in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC).

What college is in Shippensburg Pennsylvania?


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