FAQ: What Is Naches’ Municipality?

What is Naches WA known for?

Naches’ economy is based mainly on timber and agriculture, known for its large production of apples, cherries, pears and various other fruits.

What county is Naches WA in?

The Town of Naches is located in a valley at the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range 12 miles west of Yakima on U.S. Highway 12. The Town is a small residential community of 805 with its roots in agriculture and logging and a multitude of nearby outdoor recreational opportunities.

When was Naches WA founded?

In 1905, the land company of West and Wheeler started platting the Naches town site on land originally homesteaded by the Denton’s, Newton Hecox, and Abner Sinclair.

What is Naches in Yiddish?

Naches (נחת) is a Yiddish word that means “pride” or “joy.” Typically naches refers to the pride or joy that a child brings a parent.

What does Naches mean in Spanish?

Many common Spanish words also have cryptic meanings from the dark side; street slang. The phrase used by this unsuspecting Anglo then becomes buenas naches, which is street Spanish for nice butt.

What is Naches WA ZIP code?


Is Chinook Pass open now?

SR 410 Chinook Pass remains open in both directions: the speed limit is reduced to 30 mph from milepost 69 to milepost 74 due to road damage near the summit. Drivers and motorcyclists are encouraged to be cautious as they travel the damaged area.

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What trail took the traveler over Naches Pass between Yakima and Tacoma?

The old Native American route known as the Naches Trail traveled over Naches Pass and through the Cascade Mountains to connect the various Salish people on the west side (Nisqually & Puyallup) to the Yakima people on the east side of the mountains.

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